Guitar Practice Experts

The roadblocks
to success on the guitar

We've been there, done that, gotten the band tee...

Not knowing what skills are required to successfully play the songs that you want to play.


Not knowing what you should be practicing, and in what order, to get where you want to go on the guitar.


Falling into the trap of working on too many things at once and never getting good at anything you're practicing.


But here's the thing: the TenX Training Program solves all of these problems, and then some!



The Double-Edged Sword of YouTube

There are thousands of great guitar lessons on Youtube… However, this instant access to thousands of lessons is where the true problem lies: it’s way too easy to go from one video to the next without ever getting around to actually practicing anything you've "learned."

Additionally, you run the risk of trying to learn songs and techniques that are way above your current skill level, effectively getting you nowhere and killing your enthusiasm in the process.

Without focus, it’s going to take you ten times longer to develop the skills required to play the way that you really want to play. Without a roadmap, these videos simply become “Infotainment” that don't provide any real value to you as a guitar player.

major overwhelm

motivation killer

the INFOtainment trap


Now Showing (for a limited time)

"The 3 Secrets to Rapid Improvement on the Guitar"

Dean strickler
Founder & Coach

In this training, we'll be going super deep into the 3 Secrets to Rapid Improvement and how to implement them into your guitar playing.

What taking everything you practice and play to "Effortless" means to your guitar life

The importance of choosing the right Skill Targets & Songs for your playing level

How your Mindset determines "Everything"

At TXG, we’ve helped thousands of passionate guitar players like you… get more results from the same amount of effort.

It's Free and a Total Game-Changer.

What Is Your Current Playing level?

Choose the answer that best describes where you are on your guitar learning journey:

Dean strickler
Founder & Coach


feeling confident isn't just for the pros.

You too, can feel...

Confident knowing that you have a Roadmap to follow on your guitar journey.

Proud to play your favorite songs in front of friends.

How exhilarating it is to perform well in front of an audience.

Accepted and supported by a strong community of musicians.

Empowered to let your creativity shine and write your own music.

how does this sound?

Take a second to imagine...

Feeling confident playing in front of an audience (and completely owning it).

cool confidence

Having the skills to play your favorite songs with reckless abandon.

song freedom

Playing with musicians that don't cringe when you plug into an amp.

band cred

sounds pretty good right?

Yeah, we agree.

We know it's not about just getting "better" at the guitar for you. It's about all of those incredible moments, feelings, and experiences playing music gives you.

I mean, a little dramatic, but we're into it.

Because you know, that's always nice.

"Join TenX. I promise you'll get
better at getting better!"

"Do yourself a favor, if you are a guitar player, and want to dramatically increase your playing ability, join TenX. I promise you, You’ll Get Better At Getting Better!"

- Tim L.


"I've only been working with TenX for a few weeks, but I'm amazed at how much better I'm playing"

"I've only been working with TenX for a few weeks, but I've been consistent with it every day and I have to say I'm amazed at how much better I'm playing and sounding, not only on the exercises themselves, but on EVERYTHING.
 I find myself looking forward to the practice each day because I know what to work on." 

- James F.


"Now I have directions and a Roadmap to lead me in the right direction."

Since I have started I have sent in personal videos of myself playing my guitar and received great advice of methods that can help me improve my playing and speed. Yes, I have to put in the effort and time, but now I have directions and a Roadmap to lead me in the right direction, this in itself can get to your destination so much quicker.

- Jules S. Jr.